– Do the cooking: if you rely on her to do all the cooking, you may be at risk of missing certain nutrients in your diet and not getting enough energy that you need. Her dietary requirements are different to yours and vice versa. It’s a known fact that a males require more energy than females and their macronutrient (protein, carbohydrate and fat) requirements differ as well.

– Share the food shopping or do it together: By doing this you more likely to get the food you enjoy and require to meet your dietary requirements. By doing it together your partner will have a better understanding of your needs, likes and dislikes.

– Communication is the key: Talk to each other about your specific goals around health and fitness. The more they know, the more they can support you and understand what not to do.

– Find a routine that suits you both: Too many fights and arguments occur in relationships around the other not pulling their weight and domestic chores being one-sided. By finding a routine around chores, cooking, food shopping etc. you will not only have a happier and stress-free relationship but it will enable you both to schedule your time better around your exercise regime.

– Get her involved: Offer to train her or with her. By motivating and helping her to optimise her fitness and health, it will help you stay on track with your fitness goals. Also, training together means more time spent together as a couple which you may miss out on if you train separately.

– You both need to give a little, push her outside of her comfort zone a little, but you need to be willing to do the same.

– Make dates night active: She may like a quiet night in but who says date night has to be a movie, pop corn and a choc top? Why not try something that is more active such as bowling, rock climbing, trapeze, tennis

– You like to be active on the weekends and she likes to sit on the couch: Either suggest doing something you both enjoy e.g. tennis, hiking, hitting the beach, or get your exercise over with first thing in the morning so you have the day together.

– Don’t let unhealthy snacks creep into the house: If she likes to purchase the odd chocolate bar or ice cream, make some alternative healthy suggestions like plain organic popcorn, dark chocolate, Greek yoghurt, fruit, vegetable sticks and homemade dips.

– Is she a feeder? Some partners love to cook and feed their man. Don’t fall into the trap of overeating! This might be in relation to large portion sizes or frequency of meals. If fat loss is a goal of yours then keeping track of your food intake is very important.